Monday, March 16, 2009

4 Movies that Everyone Should See, & 3 to Skip

Now, before I begin, I realize that there are going to be some disagreements with this list. But, then again, aren't there disagreements for pretty much everything in the world? Regardless of how you feel about this list, let me know. :)

4 Movies Everyone Should See-
1. Coraline: For those of you that are a big fan of "Nightmare Before Christmas", be ready for a film that's just a bit different. Made entirely out of tangible figures with stop-motion animation, this film is not only a movie, but a piece of art. Although it's a bit dark for younger children, the older will appreciate its more aged humor. I absolutely adored this film, & I recommend at least seeing it once. It can't hurt to try. :) (Also check out the book by Neil Gaiman. It's quite different from the movie, but wonderful.)

2. He's Just Not that Into You: I read the book when I was merely 16 & found the advice helpful. The movie, which is based on the tips in the book but set to a fictional storyline, is equally as cute. The star-studded cast are sure to please. :) I laughed, I cried, I devoured popcorn. It's not quite DVD buying worthy, but it's definitely worth the movie ticket or the Blockbuster rental.

3. Seven Pounds: I'm a big fan of Will Smith, and this movie didn't prove me wrong. It's such a sad, sad story. But I can't say too much about it without giving away the plot! Definitely worth the rental.

4. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas: This movie is so surprising. I've seen many movies about the Holocaust, & it's surprising to have an original concept. This movie is based on a book, which is also a recommended read. It's a simply-shot movie, but still manages to be beautiful in its greyness. Definitely a must-see.

3 Movies to SKIP-
: If I could undo seeing this movie, I probably would. I greatly enjoyed the books, but the movie failed to please. Although Kristen Stewart (Bella) gave a nod-worthy performance, her lead-role counterpart, Robert Pattinson (Edward), was nothing to smile at. He was nothing like I pictured Edward in the book. His acting left something to be desired. This movie may be worth a rental once it comes off the New Release shelves, but nothing more... at least to me.

2. Disaster Movie: (or any movie of the sort) Sure, Scary Movie was an original of its time. But how many more of these stupid parody movies can we make? I believe they've covered every single movie genre. I certainly hope the next step is not to start making up new ones. Not even worth the RENTAL, let alone a movie ticket. Skip this one altogether.

3. The Tracey Fragments: I'm usually a huge fan of Ellen Page, & even in this movie her acting did not disappoint. It was the confusing, artsy filming that made the movie sporadic & confusing. The storyline is hard to follow & the way the film is edited is choppy and misconstruing. This movie is worth a rental, but not a buy. You may not want to see it again after you see it once.

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