Wednesday, June 3, 2009

SIMS 3 Review!

SIMS 3 came out yesterday, and being the SIMS addict that I am, I pre-ordered it, overnighted it & received it today. After realizing it wouldn't work on my Mac (although I'm getting leopard soon so it'll work then.) I loaded onto the ol' PC & gave it a try.

Immediately I noticed the clean animations and the awesome SIM customizer, an OBVIOUS upgrade from SIMS 2. You can tweak and change almost every little bit of your sim, from colour of clothes and skin (exact shade, a gradient bar rather than just a few choices!) to weight (from stick skinny to chubby bunny).

After customizing my family & picking out a small home to move them into, the second thing I noticed was the super amazing new interior (and exterior) decorating tools. You can now move the furniture and decor with more ease (and turn it DIAGONAL, making things fit against diagonal walls! This was something I've wanted since the original SIMS.) There are more choices, more colours, and you can buy more cars.

This leads me to the coolest feature. Not only can you BUY the cars, but you can DRIVE them... to actual locations around your town! You have free reign around your entire town, zoom out all the way to a town map view, then zoom back in on your house. You can watch your sims drive to work, to the spa, to the Italian restaurant downtown, and to the stadium for a concert!

Another small feature that I thought was rather neat was the cell phones. The ability to answer the phone no matter where you are is so much easier, and you take the phone with you outside of the home!

Between the graphics (which are beautiful), the ease of customization, and the overall gameplay, SIMS 3 is by far the best version thus far. I highly recommend a purchase if you have enjoyed past versions! I only bought the regular version, but was very tempted to buy the Collector's Edition (simply for the awesome 2GB USB plumbob!!). Go, buy!

As an added bonus, I'll give you guys my favourite cheat code for SIMS 3. I DO play games without using cheats, but while getting the hang of the game and getting a feel for it, a money cheat is very useful. (To use cheat codes, press shift+ctrl+c then type the command in the box.) Typing in "motherlode" without the quotes gets you $50,000 simoleons every time.

Enjoy the game. :)