Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Board Game Movies?

They should've stopped at Clue.

A string of board game inspired movies are set to hit the big screen, including Candy Land, Battleship, ANOTHER Clue movie, Monopoly, & (the pseudo-board game) Where's Waldo. There are really only two ways these movies could go: a giant flop or a huge success.

Candy Land: Universal Studios has gotten hold of the rights to film a Candy Land movie, & have hired the famed Etan Cohen to write the script & the director of Enchanted to direct it. link

Battleship: Universal also bought the rights to this classic board game, hiring Peter Berg, the director of Hancock to direct it. It is slated to become a naval action-adventure movie. link

Clue: Gore Verbinski, director of Pirates of the Caribbean is slated to direct this remake. link

Monopoly: link

Where's Waldo: link

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